Dancers and Dance Students’ Activities

Be our guest for a day – come dance with us!

A full day of dance at the Fresco Dance and Arts Center.

Activities are adjusted and tailored for your needs, exposing the students to the professional dance world through their eyes, body and hearts.

The students will watch a part of the Company’s morning class, participate in technique class and learn some of the Company’s Repertoire.

Watch the Company in rehearsal and then perform some of its repertoire.

Participate in a direct dialogue with the Choreographer and the dancers about dance as a profession and the process of creating a dance work.

Students Performance Project

This unique project includes 12-15 sessions of learning the Company’s repertoire, resulting in the students performing on stage as part of their end of the year showcase and/or other professional activity related to dance.
We encourage the students to watch the company performs in order to get a better experience.

Fresco Over-night

The ultimate urban experience!
A day and night with the Company, it’s all about movement – technique and repertoire classes, including introduction to the Company members, nocturnal tour to the guts of the Grand Central Bus Station / a trip to the Suzanne Dellal Dance Centre for a full performance by the Company / night activity and commune sleep over. All inclusive!

Fresco Puzzle

Fresco assembles for you an artistic program performed by the Company members fitted to your needs. The program can be adjusted for alternative spaces (Community Centers, Assembly Halls, Cultural Halls, Outside Venues etc.)
The Puzzle focuses on highlights of the Company Repertoire or on a specific piece. The program led by the Company Choreographer and Artistic Director, is open for questions and dialogue with the audience.

Fresco Puzzle for Kids

A wonderful journey following the beloved characters of Fresco’s kiddie shows. Actively bringing the children closer to the process of creating a character only through dance, no words. A dance activity filled with humor and imagination.

Performance Workshop

An intense workshop offering a great opportunity for dancers and dance students to experience the work of leading Choreographers and to perform professionally.

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