The Fisherman and the Goldfish

The Fisherman and the Goldfish

Based on the timeless story by Alexander Pushkin
Choreography and Artistic Direction: Yoram Karmi
Play: Shirili Deshe
Director: Amit Apte
Set Design: Batya Segal and Michael Pick
Costume Design: Limor Hershko
Video Art: Sivan Presler, Nitay Shalem
Soundtrack: Lior Ronen
Light Design: Rotem Alroee
Dramaturgy, Concept: Ifat Itach-Ron, Ayala Hauftman
Actors: Alon Sendler, Erez Weiss, Nophar Levinger

Uncle Moshiko takes Roee to the Amusement Park. Even though Roee goes  on all of the rides, has a lot of fun and even wins a bunch of prizes, he still wants more. When they come home, Uncle Moshiko decides to read to Roee the timeless story of “The Fisherman and the Goldfish”, by Alexander Pushkin.

The tale comes to life on stage and introduces us to the kind-hearted fisherman and his unhappy wife and with a little goldfish who’s learning in school how to make wishes come true.

“The Fisherman and the Goldfish” is a colorful and spectacular dance-theater show, combining video-art and performances to music  by Mozart, Khachaturian, Strauss and other composers, giving a new, invigorating interpretation of the famous tale.

Suitable to ages 4-90