Tin Soldier

Choreography: Yoram Karmi | Premiered 2018.
Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen Fresco Dance Company in collaboration with 'Teen and youth Theater' Choreography: Yoram Karmi Dancers: Fresco Dance Company Writers and Directors: Mosh'e Ben-Shushan and Ra'anan Nissim Ferera Original music and musical editing: Lior Ronen Set Designer: Talya Otolengi Costumes and Props: Ella and Vladi Kolesnik Lighting: Roni Millo Actors: Roee Cackon, Adi Eisenman/Yuval Stonis


Golden Ratio

Choreography: Yoram Karmi | Premiered 2017.
The “Golden Ratio” dance piece places a mirror on Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic masterpiece – “The Vitruvian Man”, and invites the viewer to deal with the perfect and flawed man and his belief system in all its external and mainly internal aspects. Through the universal image of the perfect proportion, the work offers a look at the person’s observation of himself and his private and collective beliefs, and the ceaseless preoccupation with the unattainable and perfection.


Just wanna dance

Choreography Yoram Karmi | Premiered 2016
Mr. Cypress, the forest dance teacher, sets his animal pupils on a special quest to come up with their own unique dance, that’s when the Dragoness falls into despair‪.‬ The Dragoness real choose‪?‬ The Dragoness and Zits set off on a world tour to find the right animal with the perfect dance. Along the way she helps animals in need, discovering wonderful places, learning new dance moves, the value of true friendship and realizing she doesn’t need to change into any other animal for she’s truly special just the way she is. ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬



Choreography: Michael Getman | Premiered 2016.
Based on letters exchange between Oscar Wilde and his lover Lord Alfred Douglas and the correspondence between an outrageous American writer, Henry Miller, to his young feminist lover, Anais Nin. This ground breaking dance piece, performed by the company’s 10 dancers brings out, the deepest human emotions in a fascinating observation on the soul and with an admirable physical intensity. Theses Stormy, painful, passionate and angry love letters are used as a live soundtrack for this creation.


Sour Sweets

Choreography: Yoram Karmi | Premiered 2014.
“Sour Sweets” is a nostalgic yet piercing look at a family’s intricate relations through the eyes of an old woman left alone in an old house.. The dance piece tells stories that might be actually happening or may only be distant memories in her mind. Secrets, lies, love, violence, romance and laughter are combined together to a “film like” dance performance presented with the highest technique and energy. From the Israeli press: “excellent dancers, wonderful compositions, polished movement. It’s simply good! ” “Beautiful and very enjoying. wonderful energy and versatile movement”



Choreography: Yoram Karmi | Premiered 2012.
“Cerberus” corresponds to stories and ideas from Greek mythology without going into details of each story. A mythical, imaginary world on the other side of the river and beyond the gate separating from the world to come, There is another life. The story of the journey and love of Orpheus and Yorodica, the renaissance of the Muses, the labyrinth of the Minotaur and of course Cerberus himself and others permeate the parts of the work and leave a mark on the dancers and the situations they experience. Cerberus is the three-headed dog protecting the gates of hell. He is given to see at the same time 360 degrees around which is the motivating motif of motifs that govern the work. Most of the work takes place on and around a small stage, a kind of shuttle that moves freely in the large stage space as another dancer, allowing the audience to observe movement situations and intimate moments from several angles simultaneously in a way that was previously impossible. The use of this device generates traffic in a space that is otherwise completely impossible. As always in the dance vineyards characterized by particularly demanding physical and high level techniques.. The dancers are required to dance on the “floating” stage and the environment as they move and challenge their physical abilities so that they generate motion within motion, movement sentences in the private space while this space moves in a larger space. In the seam between reality and fantasy, between a physical and spiritual world, the work is characterized by an almost dark and sometimes mysterious character, allowing a glimpse into the moment when a person arrives after his last journey to the world where all the laws are nullified and only memories, loves and passions exist as always under the watchful eyes of the dog with the three heads.


Particles Accelerator

Choreography: Yoram Karmi | Premiered 2010.
Yoram Karmi’s dance piece –” Particles Accelerator” refers to a scientific-technological reality, which is expressed from the first moment in which a sanitary act in a white and sealed garment (Karmi himself, as will be revealed later) cleans the stage with a vacuum cleaner, ensuring the sterility of the laboratory. The long suction pipe writhes like a hot red snake. This red will be an interesting visual motif in a work whose basic shades are gray – the color of the uniform for all designed by Lior Sabra with the help of Shira Raphael – and the blackness of the stage, which is open in all its breadth and depth. The dresses have thin red stripes, and during the work the dancers wear red “gas masks” that later turn into tiny hats. In a central part of the work, stormy and thrilling, to the sound of the Kirya from Bach’s Mass at B flat, the stage and the dancers are bathed in red light as fire flames threaten a flock of birds of prey. This piece is one of the highlights of Karmi’s choreography, the excellent collection of lighting designed by Jacob Barassi, and the surprising climax of the rich musical soundtrack by Didi Erez.


La Famiglia

Choreography: Yoram Karmi | Premiered 2007.
A humorous piece about a family of five, one evening, in the privacy of their home. Premiered at the Israel Festival 2007. “Extraordinary and creative“ (Zhenzhou evening paper – Zhengzhou, China) “A real dance with flow, momentum and imagination. Fresh interesting moments… Karmi is a uniqe choreographer that creates good pieces for a group of excellent dancers” (Ha’aretzs)



Choreography: Yoram Karmi | Premiered 2005.
Choreography: Yoram Karmi | Premiered 2005. Six months after the death of his mother, Choreographer Yoram Karmi created the piece ׳Neshel’ (Shedding Skin). The entire stage design was created from his mother’s clothes, and the soundtrack was ensembled out of the music she loved. “Original movement, excellent execution, brilliant staging and design” (Yediot Aharonot) “Fresco’s dancers are wonderful” (Dance in Israel) “Mature yet very refreshing” (ynet)

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