About Fresco Dance Company

Since its establishment in 2002 by Yoram Karmi, the Fresco Dance Company performs on a regular basis throughout Israel and the world with Karmi’s pieces and with collaborations with artists from the Theatre and Multimedia as well. In addition to the Company’s regular work, Karmi’s dance creations were commissioned for the Israeli Festival (2007, 2010) and for the Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon – Lezion (2008), The Jerusalem Ballet and The Israel Opera’s Dance Project (2011).

The Company tours abroad, bringing original and high quality Israeli dance to international audiences. Fresco Dance Company is supported by the Ministry of Cultural and Sport and the Tel Aviv Municipality. Since 2006 the Company has collaboration with Holon Municipality and the Mediatheque Theatre.

Former leading dancer in “Kol-Dmama” Dance Company and freelance dancer in various projects in Israel and abroad, Karmi established the Fresco Dance Company which has become one of Israel’s most exciting and demanding reputable dance companies. As a young Choreographer,  Karmi won second prize in the “Gvanim Competition” and the silver prize for his work in the China Dance Festival. In 2012, Karmi was awarded the “Rosenblum Prize” for outstanding artists in the field of dance.

Alongside his work for Fresco, Karmi’s  works were commissioned by the Israel Opera’s Dance Project, the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance, the Israeli Ballet, the Jerusalem Ballet and the Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon – Lezion. Karmi’s style is unique and incorporates high level of technique and theatrical elements. Karmi studied psychology and education at Tel Aviv University and graduated from the Kibbutzim College of Education with a BA in Dance and Education.  He later took advanced studies at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance in London.

Fresco Dance Company’s  repertoire has over 20 dance works for the general public and students of different ages. The Company organizes and conduct repertoire workshops, dance sessions, practical classes and artist meetings with a wide range of students throughout the country. Since 2007, there has been a project of “creative dancers”, in which the Company shows the works of young choreographers, all graduates of professional dance companies in Israel. In 2006, the company was adopted by the Holon Municipality and operated from the Holon venue for the next ten years.  In 2017 the Company moved their studios to the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station.  A truly diverse neighborhood!

The Fresco Dance Company has been invited many times to dance festivals and performances outside of Israel. The Company has performed in China, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Poland, Romania, Italy, Croatia and Belarus.

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