Fresco Dance & Art Center

About Fresco Art & Dance Center

Crowded rows of stalls fill the 4th floor plaza at the Central Bus Station. In the space between the fast-food restaurants and the cheap clothing stores, you can find almost anything you can think of: trinkets, multi-prints and sequins, a maze of Asian food stands ready from the nearby supermarket, with unfamiliar vegetables and rattles. Above all, the hip-hop clothing stores with their blaring sounds deafens the ears at 11 am.

But at the end of the plaza, on the far left side, another world emerges. Behind a heavy, transparent glass door, the unsuspecting visitors skip to the beat of a different reality. A wooden floor and freshly painted walls, a lemony scent floating in the air, and three wide well-maintained work spaces, stylized for dance, waiting in inviting silence. This is an early morning on a weekday, in the large studio, large enough for a modest tribune, where an audience of up to 100 people can be seated to watch the show, the dancers of Yoram Karmi’s Company are already stretching long and flexible limbs.

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