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Fresco Dance Company
For The Entire Family

Choreography: Yoram Karmi

‏Mr. Cypress, the forest dance teacher, sets his animal pupils on a special quest to come up with their own unique dance, that’s when the Dragoness falls into despair‪.‬

The Dragoness really wants to come up with a special dance, but how? She can barely dance, feeling clumsy and hopeless‪.‬

Zits, the rabbit, her best friend offers her a special potion that can turn her into any animal of her choice‪,‬ The Dragoness is very excited and hopeful, she’s curtain she’s found the perfect solution for her problem.

Turning into another animal will for sure enable her to dance‪,‬ But which animal she should choose‪?‬

The Dragoness and Zits set off on a world tour to find the right animal with the perfect dance.

Along the way she helps animals in need, discovering wonderful places, learning new dance moves, the value of true friendship and realizing she doesn’t need to change into any other animal for she’s truly special just the way she is.


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February 14 2018


Date: February 14
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Fresco Dance Company