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Choreography: Yoram Karmi | Premiered 2004.

Living in Israel means having to deal with a stressed atmosphere while trying to maintain normal life. This work is based upon the political and social climate through a personal perspective. During the show the dancers build a bunker, made out of sand bags, on stage.
‘Bunker’ explores the individual and collective sacrifices that people make In order to keep the “communal wall” standing. Private relationships and humorous moments are to be found between the walls of the bunker, as the dancers are hoping for a moment of peace in a reality of terror and fear.

“Brilliant, efficient, orchestrated… Some of the most powerful stage images of a society at war of our time…
Yoram Karmi has a unique dance language” (maariv)

“A thrilling show to watch… a fine and highly communicative evening…” (Jerusalem Post)

“Fresh and full of talent” (Ha’arets)

“A thrilling show, wonderful dancers” (Keshet T.V)


April 04 2004


Date: April 4, 2004


Fresco Dance Company